Fisher Global Development is the Umbrella
Company for the following companies

Western Aviation

Western Aviation is one of the most diligent aircraft/helicopter broker/consultants in the industry.

We provide the following services:

* Appraisal Services
* Aviation consulting
* Aircraft Hangar
* Pilot Contracting
* Establishing Certified Operations
* Part 91, Part 135, Part, 121 and Part 125
* Aircraft Brokerage including acquisitions
* Helicopter Brokerage including acquisitions
* Charter Services (Worldwide Broker) for on-demand Charter.
Ground Transpiration, Catering, & Lodging

When looking for your Aviation needs, go with a professional firm in the industry.

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MORE LISTINGS… including but not limited to:

(Aircraft, Helicopters, Aviation Business’s, FBO/MRO’s, Charter Companies & Charter/Airliner valid certificates 135/121)

Western Aviation advertises like no other broker in the industry…. we have 9 international locations, advertise in 35 industry publications in 9 different languages in 59 different countries.

Call our office at 1-800-AVIATION (284-2846) or +1-281-391-2510

Thank you

Charter/Appraisals/Aviation Sales/Comprehensive Aviation Consulting

1. During the sales process, we coordinate all the details of bringing the airplane to market, including a competitive pricing strategy, advertising, qualifying offers, contract negotiations and pre-purchase inspections. The acquisition process includes helping the purchaser identify which aircraft best suits their mission requirements taking into consideration trip profiles, operating /ownership costs and budget.

2. Once the right type of aircraft has been identified, we evaluate both on and off market aircraft and develop a “short list” of the candidates that represent the best values in the current market.

3. After carefully analyzing the candidates we make an offer, on behalf of the purchaser, until a mutually agreeable price is reached between purchaser and seller. Western Aviation (Aircraft Sales) will handle all contract negotiations and help guide the airplane through the pre-purchase inspection and make sure all documents are in place at the title company for a timely closing.